Cats: Happiness With Whiskers

Who doesn’t like cats? I mean, I will not judge you if you don’t, but seriously, cats are one of the most loved pets. They are full of personality, they will give you the most wholesome memories, and the best of all: they are the best cuddle buddies.

Studies have shown owning a cat is good for your health, specifically for the mind—that is if you’re not allergic to them, of course.

A cat can decrease your levels of stress and anxiety. They can feel when you’re not feeling well, that’s when they will get closer to you. It is proven that a cat’s purring helps with the control of emotions such as stress and anxiety. The cats themselves do it to relax and as they do, they help you relax. Also, when you’re feeling sad, they will not leave your side and they will start pestering you more, but this is just because they want you to feel better, they want to make you laugh. Being the owner of a cat means having happiness with whiskers. I will never forget that time when I was going through a hard time where I cried almost daily and my cat came all nights to just lay on me while purring, like letting me know that everything would be alright and I wasn’t alone.

Felines are great companions! They don’t do much, they are independent, and they are cuddly! If you succeed in having a great connection with them, they will follow you EVERYWHERE! Trust me, you won’t even be able to have some privacy in the bathroom. They would love to sleep next to you, or over you… One of my kids, whenever he feels alone, starts meowing loudly “MAMAAAAAAAA” until he finds someone to be with. My Hobi likes to accompany me while I take a shower just to lay on my clothes to sleep.

Some people believe cats can cleanse the energy of a place. This is one of the reasons why witches always owned a cat. As an empath, I can confirm this is true. Sometimes, when I get home there can be bad vibes floating around, my cats start to hang out in said place, they just sleep or relax, and suddenly the room stops feeling heavy. It’s magical! Witches believed that cats protected them from the bad and the Egiptians believed they were lucky charms.

Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Cats are fun! These little guys will do unimaginable things that will certainly make you laugh. They are weird but funny!

They might jump out of nowhere, meow in a funny way, run behind a mosquito, hide inside the cabinet, or even make a funny face. Let’s talk about when you tell them to not push something off a table because it might break and they just push it with their little paw, like saying “Shut up, human, I’m the one in charge”.

Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch

In my case, mines head bump my stuff to make them fall or they just jump over something I tell them not to.

Ahhh… I just feel the urge to squeeze them every time they scratch my K-Pop posters. I say squeeze because they HATE demonstrations of affection.

They do random stuff, like eating a bamboo plant or jumping on the TV just to have the satisfaction of making it fall. Cats are pretty entertaining.

They also are beautiful creatures. Their eyes are really endearing and penetrating. Try looking a cat directly in the eyes and catch yourself looking away first because it’s almost intimidating. They are really photogenic, so be ready to put in practice your photographer side.

But the most beautiful part is when they want to be cuddled. That warm feeling when they just jump in your bed, the little meow demanding attention, and the little head bump telling you “Please scratch my head”. They lay down by your side or over you, and they just doze off. That’s when you realize “Damn, I really love this creature! I’d do anything for it”. After a while, comes the cramps and the fear of moving to not wake them up.

Please, protect cats, adopt one if you can. You will not regret it! They will keep you healthy, they will protect you, and they will bring you joy. Even though some of them are kinda grumpy, they love affection (when they want it and in their unique ways). Nothing compares to the warmth of a cat’s kiss, it’s purrrfect.

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