If I Was Out & About, These Are The Things I Would Buy Right Now

Who agrees that online shopping should be apart of fashion art? That is exactly how I consider it in my perception. It feels like years since the last time I stepped a foot out of my apartment, get my bottom in my car, and drove to the nearest clothing store. I have not divorced the activity of being on top of the latest trends and who is wearing what. That being brought to an argument, I involve myself in a personal assignment to curate a few items that I have saved in my carts.


I am known to be as-plain-as-white-milk when it comes to accessorizing my temple. Jewelry and I only amass when there is an important event happening either at work, a party, or any other venture where I need to upgrade my style. Typically, I opt for very minimalist apparel designs, wearing jewelry that is unusual brings a spark of joy before my ‘fit kills someone with boredom.

Roxanne assoulin

Roxane Assoulin is a New York based jewelry designer. Her designs are often vibrant yet minimalist. Her collections are available for both men and women.


I discovered Alighieri in the fantastic world of Instagram. Founded in 2014, Alighieri is created in London by Dante Alighieri.


This is my ground of expertise! As a former fashion student -graduated fashion designer- I love finding new brands or what established brands are coming with. I am a sucker for romantic silhouettes during S/S seasons. Light fabrics, intricate prints, subtle colours, peplums, flounces, backless tops, and embroideries come alive more than ever! It is really important -for me- to be able to move, skintight pieces are my nemesis so I would always recommend flowy, lightweight pieces that create an optical illusion of movement.

Cecilie Bahnsen

Cecilie Bahnsen stands in a fine line between ready-to-wear and couture. The brand fuses traditional French fashion with Scandinavian culture, creating architectural volumes with sculptural silhouettes that offers a contemporary approach on femininity.


Ganni has been operating since 2009 by husband-and-wife team Ditte Reffstrup (creative director) and founder Nicolaj Reffstrup. Ganni is based in Copenhagen, with contemporary designs, easy-to-wear pieces for the everyday woman without leaving behind its Nordic design heritage and traditional minimalist expression.


Nanushka was incorporated to the fashion world in 2006 by Sandra Sandor. With roots in Budapest, Nanushka offers a modern, versatile and effortless flair, inspired east-meets-west cultures and time.


Footwear has been my long-life struggle! if you have wide feet as I do, you will understand that first statement. However, I love wearing eclectic sandals during S/S knowingly that they are going to torture me for a not-so-good-time. These sandals require a good pedicure with neutral nail polish colours or minimal nail art. Comfort does mean that you need to be dull, at the end of the day this is the time of the year where you can be extremely colourful, or as I hear from a kid, an unicorn poop!

Kat Maconie

Kat Maconie launched her brand in 2009. The London based designer’s style includes, signature bright heels and original hardware, that are known for pushing the boundaries of footwear design.


Vagabond it is a Swedish Shoe-making brand born in 1973. Their collection represent the true Swedish minimalist staple for an everyday style.


Miista is a Galician-Londonese brand launched in 2010. The label unites nostalgia and heritage with a modernist female sentiment, translating cinematic, surreal and retrospective inspirations, made with Italian leathers.


Befriend small/medium bags as your everyday companion. Tote bags are meant for traveling or on-the-go activities such as, transitioning from work-to-the-gym. These bag are the same as carrying a small piece of art wherever your destination is. They are perfect for a day-to-night outfit, your go-to visiting city expedition accessory, last but not least, something you can squeezed in your suitcase in case you are traveling -referring back to visiting city expedition- wink!


My love for Jacquemus is inexplicable. Simon Porte Jacquemus founded his brand when he was only 20 years old! His designs are inspired by films and his aesthetic is considered to be naïve. Jacquemus symbolizes a modern women who is passionate about life, while being strong and feminine. He recently added footwear and menswear collections to his brand. I encourage you to travel into his collections and see for yourself his vibrant yet intriguing designs.

By far

By Far is a Bulgarian shoe brand founded in 2016. This brand focus on making high quality yet affordable fashion footwear. Their styles focus on comfort, being effortlessly cool, youthful styles that fuse with elegance into cohesive contemporary aesthetic. They resource sustainable materials such as dead-stock leather from luxury Italian factories.

The best fashion advice I could possibly share with you is, buy from private labels. They focus on catering their pieces with utmost attention to detail, gathering the best materials there is out there. Fashion is an investment, it is a quality-vs-quantity game where I rather you buy something that can be pass down to next generations than something disposable, A.K.A. a waste of money.

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