How Social Media Transcends Me In A Voyage of Rediscovery

Being home for so long has really increased my screen time on my phone. I am sure a lot of us are spending unnecessary amounts of time on social media, to the point were you keep refreshing and there have been no new posts. Usually, I would be upset at myself about this. I know spending so much time on my phone is not necessarily good for me, so naturally I would just find something else to do. Notice how I said usually, for some reason quarantine has changed that. Yes I am on social media for crazy amounts of time but what I am doing on the web is actually helping me overcome small grudges I may have been holding on to for longer than expected. Social media has helped take a few steps back and rediscover an old treasure of mine.

Now that Kris Jenner has helped me get your attention, you may be wondering what hidden treasure I’m talking about, surprisingly enough it’s all about a few simple skills. Some that have already helped me in the past. If you are a frequent reader, you would know that I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety from an early age. I have no shame in sharing and of course if you just stumbled here by surprise and would like to learn more about it you could always check out my post called, “Anxious Living: In a World Where Everyone has Anxiety” under my posts on this same webpage. Having said that, dealing with such diagnosis for so long has really influenced the remembrance of certain skills I’m able to use in worrisome times, just like today.

Now you may be wondering what in the world are this girl’s acclaimed “skills”. Very simple, they are essentially “coping mechanisms”. Well my friend, get your popcorn ready because you are in for a treat.

Now before we dig any deeper into this, I would like to apologize. I may have ‘accidentally’ hyped these skills up way too much. You know, what fascinates me about these is exactly that, the simplicity. The simplicity of just a couple words grouped together to create mantras. Now, these are no “Om” or “Aum” these are the mantras that remind you of your wellbeing. These are the mantras that with brief yet exact words touch the hearts of every single one of us one way or the other. To help you understand the concept of this acclaimed mantra I would like to share another personal story. A couple of years ago, what feels like decades ago now that I think about it in my small apartment room, quarantined up. I used to practice Reiki. If you’re not familiar with the term, according to the Oxford dictionary Reiki is “a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being”. My mother and I had stumbled upon the sweetest woman at a famous park where she held Reiki sessions behind a china panel. We visited her often and other than the Reiki healing sessions that consisted on the channeling of positive energy through stones and deep Tibetan head massages. She taught me small riddles or songs that by repeating and channeling through my emotions became true. It fascinated me that such a small group of words made such an impact on my wellbeing if I changed the way I viewed and therefore channeled.

The mantra that sweet woman taught me that struck me the most was called “Every Little Cell”. If you search that title on the web, you will find that the title of that so called mantra is actually the title of a children’s song. You will also find thousands of links that will take you to that same song on multiple yoga sites. Crazy enough, what my own mother may have sang to me in the past to put me to sleep was helping me battle life struggles at a much older age. I remember this story very vividly because at the time I was dealing with a lot of stress and my anxiety had reached a new peak. Believing in these powerful words this woman was teaching me actually made me feel better. The woman printed me a colorful copy of the song and that same night, years ago, I cut and pasted the copy onto a piece of recycled construction paper. It has been taped on my closet door since.

In a way, I like to think of it as my own personal and unique Cinderella Story. A sweet fairy godmother had magically appeared and with a simple “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” she took all the worries away. Only that in this story, prince charming would appear in a pickup truck much much later.

Like every fairytale story, this one is also coming into an end but before letting you go I need to explain to you how social media ties back into my Cinderella Story. That’s right, back to reality. Instagram and TikTok may take much of my free time but it won’t keep me from sharing with you the treasures laying around on the web. I wish I had a story for this one but truly, it was fairly simple to find. The irony am I right? It was simple to find yet another treasure filled with, you guessed it, simplicity. I opened the Instagram app on my phone to find a reposted post from a somewhat popular username. The @ read “themayfairgroup”, according to their instagram bio they are a company who do graphic designs, sales, events, and more. What their instagram bio didn’t mention is that their site includes the most impacting groups of words I have read in a long time. Now, this company knows nothing of me or these posts, just like I knew pretty much nothing about them, and this is not an Ad in any way but I have been idolizing their posted “mantras” for days. I will attach some of my favorites after this block for you to be able to enjoy. I am sure there are thousands of other users on instagram that do this same thing but for some reason I feel drawn to these, who knows maybe this is the start of my next fairytale story. In that case, I’ll make sure to keep you posted.

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