Being Intentional In Your Business. A Few Tips How to Succeed

Ever since we are kids, our parents tell us that there is nothing like dreaming and chasing what you want. Even at such early age, the first question we are asked is, What do you wanna be when you grow up? My parents often remind me that I wanted to become a police officer as a child. As I grew up, my answer change to I want to be a singer and a model. I did became a model by the age of 13 and, I have been singing ever since I can remember. Our parents often encourage us to fulfill our dreams. But what if your dream is to become your own business? I gather up some information which, I am going to deliver it to you as a successful business plan!

Transform your idea into your income

First things first, identify your dream idea/career. This will be that one constant idea that you feel passionate about it but, are afraid to bring it forward. Whether you think is awesome or not, I recommend you to write it down. We are going to name your baby (idea) something that describes the essence of it. Big tip, search your baby’s name on the web, you do not want to end with other business name.

Elaborate your Mission and Visions

This is the part where you might have to do some good research! If you find yourself selling any goods of any kind, you might want to investigate your surroundings.

  1. What would be your product and how is that market doing?
  2. What other businesses in your area are selling the product?
  3. What would make your brand different than other?
  4. What it is going to be your brand’s end goal?

If you can answer all of these questions, the you already have a strong Brand Mission and Vision.

Let’s Speak About Financing Your Dream

Dreaming about having your own business could seem impossible. But, why could it not be achieved? Do not worry about it! You do not need to have tons of money saved in your bank account, you have alternatives. There are sponsors or business partners that can help you finance your brand. Do not limit yourself, explore your options, share your business ideas with your family and friends, maybe they can help you out! Another option could be taking a personal loan. However, when it comes to borrowing money, you need to be prepared with a strong business plan that includes how much is the investment amount. Do not forget to include costs like registering your brands name, marketing, production materials, among others.

Identify Your Target Consumer

Time to identify your target consumer. This basically pointing out simple demographics like, Millennials, Gen X or Z, Baby boomers, Hispanics, Europeans, Asian, Middle Easterns, Africans, Americans, you get my roll. Think about What your product has to offer? Depending on your product, you will have to work towards luring in your consumer. Think of everything that you can offer to that demographic and exploit it!

Create A Supportive Network

Having a supportive environment will be the key to your success. If you are going to bring people on board, they have to believe in your idea as much as you do. You already have a big weigh on your shoulders, you are responsible of everything, including finances, time and, efforts. Sometimes running a business can be overwhelming, that is why you need those who are as passionate as you around.

Promotion is Production

Promote the heck out of your product! This is the guaranteed one way ticket for your product’s exposure. This could be either by e-commerce, or any social media platform that offers a promotion service. The internet is power, especially when everything we do is stare at our phones whenever we get a chance. The more promotion you have, the better the chance to get discovered.

Say Goodbye To Negative Vibes

Once I read that, you have to say no to those things that stop you from being ambitious. There’s nothing bad on wanting things to get done. We have been dreaming our entire lives to do something we feel passionate about. Be selective about the people you share this dream with, not everyone feels happy about others achieving their dream. There is going to be people around you that will tell you to stop dreaming of something so impossible. You are capable to realize everything you dream of. Just go for it already! Don’t you dare let anyone or any other circumstances take you for granted. Sometimes life experiences teach us we can do better in the most unexpected ways. Our limits only exist in our heads, make sure to walk away from that, stop the cycle and, work hard for it.

I believe that nothing it’s impossible when it comes to being determined and intentional. You can have the best ideas but, if you are not consistent, eventually you will fail. Remember that being consistent it’s the same as a river goes through the same course, over and over again. Believe that you can do it and so you will!

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