Why I Am Agreeing So Hard On Gender-Less Fashion

Defining gender-less or gender-neutral fashion is a risqué business for conservatives, almost like trying to define feminism to those who think that the concept means women hating the opposite sex. In reality, gender-less fashion is the future, no more lines, no more sex selected colors. This does not mean that your sexuality should be questioned at all, that is just morally improper. On the contrary, it opens a vast number of clothing possibilities for both genders.

If you follow the fashion world, you should be familiarized with all the brands that have introduced gender-less capsules in their collections. Brands like ASOS, Converse, Zara, Maison Margiela, GUESS, Banana Republic, H&M, Nike, Agender, Gucci, Lowe, J.W. Anderson, Telfar, Louis Vuitton, Eckhaus Latta, among other brands reformulating what the future of fashion will look like. Not even that afar from our current times, sincerely this is happening much faster than we can anticipate.

Stepping outside from capsules but, actual design(ers). Thom Browne, Gucci and, Rick Owens are my top picks when it comes to emphasizing men wearing feminine silhouettes or vice-versa. They are unafraid about sending their male models in kilts, lace, cut-outs, sequins, sheer fabrics, and soft prints. What a time to be alive?! It does not stop there. Tom Ford’s Boys & Girls lip collection represents both genders wearing the designer’s lip colour. This is something utterly common within Asian boy-bands as well, they are often spotted wearing lip tints, lid luster, among any other beauty products that enhance their seductive ways.

Why am I agreeing so hard on gender-fluid fashion?

I believe in style wherever you can find it. There is not (and they should not be) a fashion styling book that tells you what is acceptable, what is the trend you should be wearing because we are living in an era where designers take more inspiration on what is Voguish in the streets, whether it is from an influencer or, a trend that happened decades ago. 

I remember -as a fashion student- going to H&M with my roommate, she went straight to the men’s department, pushing the hangers from left-to-right. I asked her why would she buy from the men’s rack when they had a hella of a sale on the ladies’ department. She responded very sarcastically clothes does not have any gender; you wear whatever the fuck you want, besides, men’s clothing has better quality. Her response has never left my mind ever since, and it is true. Men’s clothing is made with fabrics and materials resistant enough to support a men’s daily life, the typical it is a men’s world. If you are a gender-fluid converted girl that does not care from what department your clothing is coming from, congratulations, you are up-to-date following a bright future. But, if it is easy for women to pull this trend off, why are we being so judgemental when men do it as well?

The battle against the MMM (Macho Man Mentality) 

Men have not encountered a smooth transition into this modern era of gender-fluidity. Every single male artist that wears anything extraordinary, borderline feminine gets questioned by the media, focusing on their sexual preferences. How many times does Harry Styles need to explain that his fashion choices are his, and that has nothing to do with his sexuality. 

Story-telling about to cross the street right now. I traveled to Europe earlier this year. I was having breakfast with my companions which, happens to be two guys. I cannot recall how the conversation started but, we began to talk about how they feel uneasy walking to a nail salon to get a pedicure or manicure because that is not part of a men’s grooming according to older generations. I answer impulsively almost chocking with my food saying uh, yes it is! There is still this macho stigma that continues to label men as feminine and sensitive just because they are taking extra care about themselves or dressing differently. Seriously people, cut the BS! No one needs your weak masculinity behavior around what a man should do or not.

A view on Marc Jacobs Style

For years now, Marc Jacobs has been seen sporting man heels. He might not be the pioneer of men who wear heels, but in my head, he is the one-and-only male figure I can remember wearing inches of heels under his boots. Forget about the heels, he seems liberated from the traditional oppression that guys have been dealing for years. Jacobs’s gender-neutral rituals now include mani’s and pedi’s (looking stunning), and even makeup in bold yet, vibrant colours. 

Gender-less Fashion is freeing

Gender-less fashion is the breakthrough we were waiting for. As a female, I can wear anything from a jumpsuit to a skirt, jeans, trousers, dresses, and whatever else silhouette you can think of from 1-100. That is not necessarily the case with guys, poor dudes have been wearing the same fabrics, button-downs, and pants for years to come. It is time for them to rock something different, so masculine yet so feminine at the same time. For Gosh Sakes! I am so attracted and moved by boys who can show their vulnerability, unafraid of wearing what they feel like and, not what the world has dictated for them.

It is amazingly good for the environment too. If you ever get tired of wearing your shirt, you can pass it along to any of your family members, friends, or significant others, see it as good deed and recycling. It is key for fewer garment fabrications, more quality fabrics, and less unsold retail tags. Gender fluidity is the next big action in fashion if you are not on board, it is going to hit you like a wrecking ball. 

Traveling back in time, remember when Yves Saint Laurent brought to life ‘Le Smoking’? That was the first -ever- pantsuit design for women. Did it make us females feel empowered? Absolutely! The Power Suit gave women confidence, a new dream of we can wear-it-all, looking so masculine and feminine, sexy, comfortable, and elegant. This has been going on since the sixties! 

It is about time we let our men express themselves without being labeled something they are not. 

When the people of Amsterdam were asked to put curtains in their flats because otherwise, tourists would see how their every day would look like, they responded they can simply look the other way. It is just that simple. ALLOW! GUYS! DRESS! HOWEVER! THEY! WANT! Can I get and Amen?!

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