Styling Hair & ‘Fits Influenced by 27 Dresses (The Movie)

As a respectful romantic woman, I have to share my fascination with 27 Dresses. During this quarantined, I have found moments when I can have a little bit of me-time (if you are a mom, you know the struggle). Re-watching the film gave me the idea of having my own dress-up party, and combined a numerous combinations of hairstyles with outfits while keeping a modest dress code.

We are living in a world with a bunch of rules to follow and, our way of dressing is no exception. On this matter, our dress code is nothing more, but a perceptual way to be identified by society. At least, that was the reason it was created on the first place. Nowadays, we use this code as a norm to indicate and facilitate the sort of clothes we’re going to wear depending on the occasion we might attend to.

Jane’s 27 Maids of Honor.

Here is a little description of 27 Dresses (in case you haven’t watch it).

Since 2008, we saw the epic romance between Jane Nichols and Kevin Doyle, two columnists who met in the middle of one of the two weddings that Jane (known as the perfect bridesmaid) has coordinated. That night they shared a cabin together were Jane forgot her day planner and that’s how Kevin found a way to get more interaction with her. At firsts, It wasn’t for love or any attraction, it was mere ambition. Kevin was supposed to write his last work as a wedding announcer. Having Jane’s planner helped Kevin’s get the promotion he was looking forward to obtain. That’s how a shameful story about Jane began. At this point, she did not know about his intentions and agreed to show him all the dresses she had to wear followed by him taking photos of her playing dress-up. When the time goes by Kevin realizes who she was and regret the fact that he wrote such things about her. Sadly, the draft was already sent to his publisher who was amazed by the story. Even though he asked her to wait until he rewrites it from another point of view, she (the publicist) opposed and posted the story anyways. They slept together the night before she was recognized by a waitress as the lady from the article. After that incident she found out what he has done to her and ran away. Kevin got the promotion he desires by the cost of losing the woman he was in love with as the consequences of his betrayal. Regardless of those mistakes love always wins, and that’s when Jane comes to the picture, admitting she has feelings for Kevin ran to a wedding he was attending and tell him in front of everybody how she felt about him. A year later they got married and she had 27 maids of honor wearing the exact same dress that she wears at their receptions.

1. Casual Wear

Also known as Informal Dress code. It could be used anytime, as it should give you comfort and flexibility, it leaves you room to style it in different ways to dress up or down. I prefer to dress like this when I’m going to church, birthday parties, coffee meetings or a date with my family. Just be careful when styling it, you don’t want to be overly dressed for the occasion. I typically go for a messy hair look, bold lipstick colour and a good pair of shoes, keeping it youthful yet, being the simplest version of myself.

Another casual popular look that is super trendy right now are hair accessories. Wearing scrunchies with bows might seem childish for a grown-up woman to wear it but, it is the trend, why not experiment with it? I would definitely wear this ‘fit to places like university, rehearsals, church services (weeks), medical appointments, brunches, birthday parties, dinners, theaters, family dates etc.

2. Business Casual

Business casual gives us the best shot at pairing jeans (keeping it comfy) and properly dressed. As you can see I’m wearing a jacket and a necklace, which’s the focus of the outfit. The accessories are having a strong place in this outfit and leaving my hair straight might alter the combination that the accessories are creating. In this case, I used a classy hairstyle and tied mine so I can preserve the attention on the accessories and the elegance would remain intact… Also, the sparkles are always a good appearance to your ‘fits without the need to wear high heels. I would use this outfit to a job interview, office jobs, concerts, musicals, brunches, and any other appointment and courts.

3. Semi-Formal Code

This is one of those moments when you have to say goodbye to your jeans. They no longer exist in this perimeter. Now, we’re moving on to the middle of the code dressing field. You should wear a dress or slacks combine with a dressy blouse. With this matchup you will glow with your hairstyle. Solid color and animal print clothes gives you the opportunity of being creative with your accessories and that involves your hair. Here I’ll show y’all how this norm changes the perception of casual clothing with an amazing touch of semi-formal glamour. I love wearing this type of clothes on dates with my hubby. I would also use them in churches, restaurants, cocktails, birthday parties. For occasions like christmas, anniversary and work events.

4. Formal Clothing

This is the code for the most formal events you’re going to attend. It means that would imply us wearing a floor-length dress. Those that have a reception for example. Like weddings, renewing vows, balls, some dinner restaurants, political matters, birthday parties and proms. I categorize this norm as the most dramatic. You have to give it all, clothing, jewelry, hairstyle, shoes, even makeup, everything matters. Following those specifications, I show you a way to match your hairstyle with your formal dresses at home.

Remember, If you ever got any doubts about what you should wear for any occasion do not hesitate to contact us. ✨


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