Female Masturbation: Is Not A Taboo, Get Over It!

Parent Alert! Sexual content displayed.

When was the last time you spoke about masturbating or the topic in general? Hello, yes, is someone still on the other side of the line? Females tend to ghost the topic whenever they are asked an opinion or to share personal experiences. In really should not be that way, the first sex toy ever found is traced back to approximately 2,000 years ago. So why do we still ashamed to talk about it? So many questions, so many answers but very few who talk about this topic. I call it crap because we are (together) going to learn how beneficial it is masturbating as a female!

It is about time female masturbation gets normalized and scratch off the taboo list. 

Growing up as a kid I was extremely quiet and shy, I never even dare to talk about masturbating or sex in general, I thought I was going to burn in hell as the least pure child on Earth. Jokes on me, am I right? I would always hear guys making jokes surrounding the topic of masturbation, including odd techniques such as socks, self hand-jobs, some of them even included fruits. I would die of embarrassment listening to it and walk away.

My first intercourse happened sometime during my university years. Not pointing out that I was a bee flying from flower to flower but, I did have different sex experiences, some okay, some really awful. I have always thought of sex as not really that big of a deal, even trough communication, some partners do not even listen. This would be the time a guy will get cocky and say that is because no one has done it right. Ahhh, people will always put their unwanted two cents on the table. Anyways, on occasions, lots of females need to finish themselves off because of a partner who did not listen through that sexual conversation. This is something that happens a lot, at least once (maybe more than that). Sex should be a pleasure going both ways, if he cannot take you to the moon, you will learn how to touch your clitoris and take yourself to Jupiter. Someone needs to finish the job, what is better to finish it up yourself?

We better stop this female-to-female hate and shaming and start educating ourselves. We are strong and independent, why cannot we add sexually educated to the equation?

Netflix Sex Education

The Health Benefits

I am not a health buzz, this all extensive research and, experience.

  1. Masturbating is basically a great workout for your pelvis. Did you know that orgasms strengthen your pelvis? This happens when you activate the power of your clitoris. When stimulating your clit, your heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tone and, respiration increases, at the same time, the uterus lifts up the pelvic floor, creating muscle tension, strengthening the entire region and, increasing sexual satisfaction. (Women’s Health Network)
  2. It helps you (big time) with your sex life. Masturbating is your private anatomical encyclopedia, you will learn how and where you like to be touched to reach your highest climax! It can be the ultimate solution for a happy ending in where your partner cannot make you orgasm but, you want to finish just as pleased.
  3. It can ease postmenopause coitus problems. Menopause tends to narrow the vagina making it more painful for intercourse and vagina exams. Masturbating (with a water-based lubricant) can help to prevent the narrowing, boosting blood flow, relieving some tissue and moisture problems, and even helps to increase sexual desire. (Judi Chervenak MD, Gynecologist (WebMd))
  4. It reduces menstrual pain! Masturbating liberates endorphins, these ones help to relieve menstrual pain and lowers stress levels. I mean, who wants to go through a painful menstrual cycle anyways!
  5. Speaking of stress levels, masturbating is the real feel-good natural chemistry. When masturbating, your body releases oxytocin and dopamine which, are both hormones that produce pleasure. It is basically observed as a type of meditation.
Comedy Central Broad City

Is In Essence Self-Love

DO NOT RUSH your masturbation if you want to reach an orgasm. It takes time and practice to get to know yourself, masturbating is the most intimate physical experience you will have. You would not rush getting to know your next date, why would you rush getting to know your anatomy? It is all about love, you have to be passionate, breathe calmy at first, be gentle and, take your time. In the end, that will be the experience and the communication you will bring to your partner during intercourse. You are a queen and, you deserve the best.

Like I mentioned above, you can even do it for your mental health. If you work with public/clients directly (A.K.A. retail or public service), work and study at the same time, or are going through a break-up, the best thing you can do in quiet and peace will be some good ol’ masturbation to liberate tension, stress, and forget about that ex of yours. It will boost your confidence too!

Stop The Shame and Talk More About It

I am extremely thrilled about how (slowly but surely) masturbation is coming out of the unspeakable topics. More often shows and movies are helping normalize female orgasm, Sex Education, Broad City, The Deuce, Orange Is The New Black, Sex and The City, Dear White People, Big Mouth, The Goop Lab, and Below Her Mouth, and many others series/movies that are saying enough is enough! Is about females get their sexual piece of the pie too!

There is no right or wrong when it comes to the ideal technique of masturbation. If you have never done it, this is the time to open your legs and take yourself on a ride to your favorite place. If you want to spark it up and kill your curiosity, feel free to find a good candidate (sex toy) that can help you reach the stars. Remember that safety comes first so, make sure you are relaxed, do not rush anything, and give in to yourself in the most squeaky clean way ever (always keep your hands ultra-clean!)

Do not be shy with us, you can share your experiences or maybe someone close to you. Tell us what difference has masturbating made in your life.

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