As Seen On The Internet: #WFH Outfit Scroll

Clearly, living through this pandemic has changed our morning rituals, trying to find the perfect outfit that compliments our mood. Personally, I would struggle every morning trying to find the perfect layer piece to match my top. I am no longer a part of the getting dressed in the morning society, I just submit to wearing sweater dresses or some random t-shirt I have in my closet. Basically, I just work in not-so-cool fits and that is very comfortable for me. The Internet is proof that dressing up has not died, there is such an extensive profile of styling heroes, putting together their #WFH outfits!

Fit scenario 1: Prints-On-Prints

Fit scenario 2: Dresses Longer than the quarantine

Fit scenario 3: Wide-Legs

Fit scenarios 4: Monochrome Enchanters

My favorite outfit equation is formulated with prints, lots of color and wide cuts. What about you, what is your favorite outfit combination? Share your #WFH look with me on the comment section below. I always enjoy new ideas and outfits!


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