Welcome to the Creative Side:

During a time all we can do is think and reminisce, I invite you to dive into the creative side of my mind and read some pieces I wrote from the heart. They’re not exactly poems or songs, just some thoughts I decided to share with the World.

A series of short poems about certain individuals that have shaped and impacted my life in ways I will never forget. These individuals have changed me, and for them I will be greater.


People say roses are red and violets are blue. We said roses are blue and violets are red. It was that type of friendship nobody but the two understood. From the day we met, I knew I would never forget. The nights we not only talked but cried and laughed of joy. It felt like our souls had lived together before our eyes ever crossed. Year after year, tear after tear and cheer after cheer us never disappeared. Until the day came. Just like the wind takes a summer leaf into the sky and disappears into the crowd, our friendship ceased. My heart will never understand what happened for such a war to begin. My head had no memory of what had happened but you, you weren’t there like before. Month after month, mad, sad, glad, no more but just forgotten. None of us had the courage to speak, my heart gave itself a tweak. None of us was left after that, will we come back to who we were? The lack of us keeps the truth to that.


Tight curls rest upon your head.

Big brown eyes as bright as the sun.

How loud and clear my name from your mouth was said. 

Your cries, as loud as a gun.

From crawling to walking.

Oh! How tall you had gotten.

I knew you would soon begin to do a lot of talking.

Yet your skin still remained as soft as cotton.

You were growing so quick,

The way you grasped to sleep; 

And how much you love to put on my lipstick.

I cannot wait to see you leap.

Although sometimes you may be hard to plant. 

I love to be your aunt. 


In our journey throughout; you’ve stumbled into my world. 

Like a current in a river my curiosity begins to flow.

 At your site, like the sun one early morning my eyes pearled. Like light energy turns into heat my warm heart begins to glow. I hypothesize if our love will come to be,

 or of these feelings will pollute the sea. 

Like a hurricane the future may seem eerie, 

I just hope this isn’t one of these other theories.


Came from the dark continent not really knowing how to feel loved. 

She didn’t care to take care of him, she didn’t know how her mistakes were going to ground him until his end.

 Taken away from his mother’s arms for good, luck found its way around him and hooked. 

Now, cared, loved but not like it all.

They are of the same gender, always looked for that someone that would make their triangle complete.

Then came Dakota like a sparkle of light that shined over their night. 

Dream come true none await for the dispute.

 People don’t treat him like the rest, we should all manifest.

 Hatred just built but love between the three stood still.

 A stranger would make a speech for a child that can’t even speak.

 Ashamed is how they should feel, he may not have a perfect family.

 He may not have a perfect past.

 But this is who Dakota is.

 His smile could brighten the smallest star.

 His cries could dimmer the light of any sun.

 They are grateful to call him their son.

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