Dressing As Music Albums: The New Fashion Trend

This lockdown surely has sparked some creativity among people in social media. Many have started showing their makeup skills because they got bored and decided to practice, other started to make outfits with whatever they had on their closet.

K-Pop fans from around the world aren’t the exception. A new trend bloomed in Twitter where fans started to dress as their favorite artists’ albums and we are living for it! Quickly, it started to trend in other social media and now, not only K-Pop fans are following this trend. You can even find people dressing as Taylor Swift’s albums!

The trend consists of making an outfit with the colors or the vibe of the album you own and taking a picture with it. If you don’t have a copy of the album, you can even edit it! Pretty simple and fun.

Some pretty dope ideas popped out of this trend. Unimaginable but so clever combinations came out just by wanting to combine with a music album. Can you believe this?!

What you’re about to witness is the few outfits I could make using only what I had in my closet. I’ll be explaining what was in my mind while building them up. I made it with the few BTS albums I own.

Map of the Soul: 7 – BTS

Following the color palette is one of the key features of the trend. This album has 4 versions, i only own the version 3. With this outfit, I wanted to also convey the magic it has inside with each song; the fun ones with the vivid colors and the serious ones with the dark colors.

Young Forever – BTS

This album has 2 versions: the day one and the nigh one. The day one is very colorful as it has a hot air balloon, the night one is the group around a bonfire. At first, I just thought about dressing in all black but that would be a little boring, so I chose the orangey pants to combine it with the bonfire of the image and make it pop. I wore a long sleeve turtleneck to represent the night vibe, because spending a night out, surrounded by nature can be chilly sometimes.

You Never Walk Alone – BTS

This album also has two versions: Left and Right. This is the Right version, which is pink and colorful because of the confetti. It may look soft from the outside but this album is one of the most powerful in BTS discography. It contains the forever queen ‘Spring Day’, one of the favorites around ARMY and BTS themselves, a strong song that talks about loss, possibly saying goodbye to youth and taking the path to adulthood, which can be very difficult. It also honors the Sewol ferry victims back in April 16, 2014, a ferry that sank, killing 304 people which most of them were high school students. Having this in mind, I chose a dress that has sparks of pink but it also has dark colors to represent the power and message of the songs in the album.

Map of the Soul: Persona

This album is one of the most vibrant in color of their discography. Imagine the boom when they revealed it was going to be pink! Not only that, it also has 4 versions, all of them different tones of pink. The pictures inside are a work of art, as the group breaks the system and use accessories and clothes that are meant to be for woman. We could say the songs are soft in their message and melodies. This album contains the hit ‘Boy With Luv’ ft. Halsey, which was a boom during 2019. The MV for this song is a colorful and fun one. I inspired my outfit on the pinks and the fun of the album, but also wanted to convey the vibe of the songs.

Skool Luv Affair – BTS

Oh boy! This album is one of my favorite! It’s one of their first albums and it’s very Hip-Hop. It reflects the innocence of being in high school, of having that first love, of the fun times with friends at school. This is why I chose something very comfortable, something you would use to go to school and even combined the bag to give that school vibe.

Love Youself: Her

This album is the first one of the Love Yourself series. Is completely white with platinum letters and it has 4 versions, spelling the word L O V E. The songs are very fun, most of them containing the message of how to love yourself, is them telling you that even with your imperfections, you are precious. Pretty cute, huh? This is why I chose a shirt with cute sleeves and delicate details, to represent the grace of the album.

Love Yourself: Tear

Dear! One of their best albums in my opinion. This is the second of the Love Yourself series and the darkest one as the cover suggests. It also has 4 versions, spelling the word Y O U R. They brought a new concept with the new sounds and new dark vibe. The songs mostly talk about finding yourself so this way you can love yourself and then love others. This album contains the hit ‘Fake Love’, which was very famous around 2018. Everyone lost their wits when they saw the concept pictures and let’s not talk about Jungkook flashing his abs for the first time! I felt very confident in this outfit because this is something I would normally wear around. Everything black and a few silver details to make it pop, just as the album and its letters.

Love Yourself: Answer

With this album, the Love Yourself series ended. A holo beauty and a compilation of all the Love Yourself albums. It has 4 version as well, completing the sentence with S E L F. As the cover suggests, the songs are varied and have different vibes. The concept of this album was soft and pastel, so I went with that palette as well. The new songs of this album talk about the little details you love about yourself and how you finally achieved loving yourself.

Wings – BTS

This album is a piece of art. With this album we all get to know each member of the group as it consists of solos. The cover is a mix of symbols that represent each member and how they have to be together to form the whole of the group: in other words, without one of them, the group would not be the same. Each one of them talk about their struggles and tell their stories in a song. This album contains the bop ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’, one of their sexiest songs but also a dark one. I chose this outfit because I wanted to represent the colors but also the vibe of the album in general.

Would you try this new trend? I think is a clever one because it inspires people to try new things, maybe things out of your comfort zone.

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