Coping with COVID-19

Coming up with a topic to write about for this week’s post was very hard. I spent hours brainstorming and trying to come up with good topics of conversation but nothing spoke to me. Every thought I had somehow related back to the situation we all live under for the moment. As we all know, the coronavirus has completely taken over our lives, as well as my creative juices apparently. I decided that although it is not my favorite topic of conversation, sharing how the pandemic has affected me mentally, physically, and emotionally may help you guys at home feeling similarly cope with the situation alongside me. 

I know most of us feel the same way, not being able to leave home is not ideal, its also something we are not used to. Although there is an infinite number of puzzles, movies, and tv shows to do or watch, our bodies are not used to such slow-paced schedules and our boredom will not be cured through such activities for a whole day, at least not mine. I’ve read hundreds of articles on what to do at home during quarantine, but as much as I would love to wake up early and get in my morning workout in to later make homemade pancakes, the reality of it is that as much as I would love to follow such routine I truly don’t have the motivation to do so. 

My anxiety has taken such a huge toll on my wellbeing, my energy levels are extremely low. I know it’s normal, you’re stuck at home and the only thing in your head are thoughts, those of which control my anxiety. I don’t have restful nights. Melatonin gummies are of no help. I stare at the roof for hours of the night while my head spins with thoughts. Getting up in the morning is painful, my body feels sore. Not to mention that my appetite levels are also very low. It’s a scary time and it’s taking my body a while to accommodate, but that’s okay. Although I may experience my usual daily breakdown, I know that the situation we are living in today is only temporary and although it feels endless I know that the day will come and soon we will all go back to our regular routines. 

You may be wondering what I am doing to keep myself sane. To be completely honest with you, I don’t know. I don’t really have a schedule either, I have been living day after day not knowing what my next move will be. Schoolwork and this blog are my only responsibilities for now so my full attention is given to them daily. After all of that is done, whatever I please to do is what I will do. At first, it was relaxing, but after two whole weeks, I dread not having much else to do. 

I have faith that better times are coming. Although it may sound bizarre I feel like the break was needed, not for us, but for our Earth. You guys may have heard it already but our air pollution drastically dropped after the quarantine was put in place. Side to side pictures shows the visual representation of the change. I myself feel the change when I sit on my balcony to get some fresh air. The air feels lighter and the sky is as clear as it can be.  The only thing left for us to do is, unfortunately, follow orders and continue to stay home and avoid the spread in order to keep everyone safe and therefore shorten the amount of time we are all forced to quarantine for. 

Stay positive beautiful people, we got this.


  1. Sweet pea! This is so relatable and beautifully written! All we can do is take a deep breath and hope that everything will be okay. Let’s admire how the earth is healing and rejoice ourself with fresh air💕 sending virtual hugs!

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