Ahh, I remember the very first time I saw my beautiful daughters Alaïa and Luna Del Mar. The significant pain felt during labor was nothing but absolutely worth it. The word on the street is about how difficult giving birth is the hardest part of this journey but, rather sooner than later you realize how wrong that statement could be. 

Motherhood begins when the baby’s gender you are about to conceive has been revealed followed by the infinite baby names list which, you will probably never going to decide from. All the methods you are conspiring to use with your kids before they are even born. This means EVERYTHING! As parents, we noticed there are a few things to discuss on the table to get ready for the newborn that is going to arrive in our lives. Some of these planning involve talks about co-parenting, co-sleeping, and feeding. Sometimes the means of getting parenting successfully can be overwhelming but, it is such a beautiful path. 

I am, myself, a millennial, however, I want to discuss with you why breastfeeding id just not a thing imposed by my generation. Throughout history, breastmilk was not the only option a mother had when feeding her baby. Within these choices, there was always cow or goat milk. Besides this, have you heard of wet nurses? Wet nurses were basically women employed to breastfeed orphan babies or those babies whom their mom was unable to breastfeed or did not want to do such a thing. Fast-forward to the 20th century, parents have a different option than animal milk or a wet nurse, also known as the birth of the formula. 

All of the methods I mentioned above are and have been okay for years except for breastfeeding. Breastfeeding in public seems to be the topic that offends our current society. Many mothers like myself identify with this problem and have encountered difficult scenarios when doing so. Now, I would like to emphasize the importance of co-parenting which, is crucial when making any important decisions regarding the baby. You want to make sure that those closest to your inner circle are not sabotaging your parenting choices, such as breastfeeding. My husband would be the first one to jumpstart when any member of my family would comment negatively about feeding my baby. He would always point out how healthy the baby was while drinking the milk. That is what exactly why I love him so much for being always by my side.

There is this misconception that breast milk is not enough nutrients fo fill up your baby, I call this an ignorant lie. Once you educate yourself and your significant other about this topic, you will realize the power of knowledge that you can use to clap back at all those negative comments. At times it even becomes a really anxious moment!

Nonetheless, there will be a time when your baby will stop the suction, your fluid (milk) will slow down until you are completely dried.  

It is time to break it down to IRL scenarios, breastfeeding in public spaces. People really make this such an inconvenience for me and all those moms out there! I understand we are exposing our breasts when doing the job if it is something so normal why do we have to hide in the process. I wonder what is the difference between a man being shirtless and socially accepted versus a mother whos shirt is being uncovered because of mother nature. Why does it have to be so controversial? Sadly this is even labeled as being sluty instead of a mother feeding her child. Do you see where I am heading? 

I even went as far as asking my friends, “What’s the worst thing that happens to you while you were breastfeeding?”. The following are a couple of experiences my friends shared with me,

“I was at the supermarket with my newborn baby. I was breastfeeding at the same time as choosing the items I was going to buy. I felt someone following me making noises with their throat “em, em, um”… As I turn around I bump into the manager of the store. At first, I didn’t understand what’s going on, but she kept following me through every aisle. It was like she was stalking, pressuring me to leave the place or stop feeding my baby.”

“I was at my doctor’s appointment waiting to be called when this lady approaches me, telling me that I was breastfeeding my baby incorrectly. She proceeds to point out another mother who is also breastfeeding. Then she tells me how I was being inconsiderate, showing my breasts instead of covering them up like my fellow breastfeeding mom. I remained calm as she spoke but, my baby was freaking out unable to find my boob and hungry. Upset, I told this lady that if she ever felt hungry, she would be able to grab a burger and eat it. That was exactly what I was going to do with my baby feed it when hungry.”

I bet we are not the only ones that can share stories like this. This a very personal decision made primarily by the mom. No woman should have to be forced to breastfeed in the bathroom, especially not in a public bathroom. It is completely up to a mother to decide where she feels comfortable the most. 

 I mean, it is such a natural thing to do, that is what breasts are created for, not for society to fantasize about nipples feeding a newborn. Why should we be told in an aggressive tone to cover ourselves? Not every infant is comfortable being fed under a blanket, some babies feel really uncomfortable that way. 

Back to breastfeeding being the healthiest option, there is out there. Breast milk has a powerful source of vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, and antibodies a baby needs for their growth. Not only is the best milk there is but, it also helps you save some money as well.

Do not ever feel slut-shamed or judge in any other manner for breastfeeding in public. I have been nursing for two years, and there is not much sleep involved. You would have to accommodate your schedule to include pumping whether you stay at home or, go to work. Overall it is the greatest journey you could ever experience. Nursing is a magical and intimate experience that brings you closer to your baby. It is an unforgettable bonding moment, from carrying your baby for 9 months to feeding him/her, making eye contact and feeling that precious heart. All of these moments and more are the rewards for such a beautiful but painful journey.

Breastfeeding is not a contemporary thing. On the other hand, it is a cheap but, nutritional lifestyle. As a mother, you have the decision to do it or not and, if you are unable to do so feel free to seek other healthy options. We know what is best for our babies. Now, I want to ask your opinion on this matter. What are your experiences with breastfeeding? Has it been difficult or have you had an easy-breezy process? Leave me your thoughts in the comment section below!


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