A Few Tips About Korean Beauty

Have you ever hoped your skin looked as beautiful as a Korean’s skin? So flawless, so shiny, almost poreless. How many times have people asked them to drop their skincare routine? Countless!

While most of it has to do with their diet (they even say eating meat after 6PM will give you a puffy face in the morning) there are some things we can do to reach this perfection. Orrrr at least try.

First of all, ingest lots of water. This will help to clean impurities, and of course, every living creature needs water to survive.

Koreans mostly have two routines: one for the day and one for the night. This way is easier to complete it, if not, it would be very long. Some even divide it for days to have a balance in the functions of the products.

You would want to start the day with a morning scrub or with a normal cleanser to get that natural glow.

Next would be the toner to help shrinking those pores.

Follow with the moisturizer to have that soft skin the whole day.

Finally if you’re gonna be outside, apply some sunscreen to keep that beautiful face healthy and protected from Mr. Sun.

As for the night routine

Start with a cleanser to take out all the impurities your face might have collected throughout the day.

Next is the foam cleanser, which you will mix with water before applying it. This will deep cleanse your pores, plus it feels nice and bubbly.

Exfoliate and apply a mask once a week to remove dead skin. Choose one according to your type of skin.

After this, apply some toner again.

Serums are a most, as they fix your skin. They work better at nights.

Once a week, wear a sheet mask to nourish your skin and give it a natural glow. After this, you will feel your skin is soft as a baby’s butt.

If you use eye creams, this is the time to apply them.

Finish the whole process with the moisturizer and go to sleep to recover.

Some extras:

Use lip scrubs to keep those lips soft and kissable 💋 You can even make your own with sugar, vaseline and lip balm.

Use pore strips to remove the annoying black heads out of your nose. Apply some soap on your nose, rinse it, and then apply the pore strip. This will make it less painful.

You can use a peel-off mask instead of an exfoliator, they almost do the same thing.

Now, release some stress and treat yourself.

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