Team AV: From How The COVID-19 Affects Our Daily To LGBTQ Awareness

The following content you are about to read is the exact words of our writers Keishla, Himeko, and Jarelis. This chat is posted as-is no alterations. Here in Awkwardly Voguish, we promote freedom of speech for all team members. What that means is that our writers could curse at any given moment so, beware yourself. Enjoy our convo!

Our AV Team (from left to right) Keishla, Jarelis and Himeko.

Jarelis: So how has the COVID-19 affected everyone’s life? So far I have realize that I eat more when I am outside of my house.Example, at work or running errands.

Keishla: I’m not eating that much either but I realized I doubled my coffee routine.I guess I’ve been anxious.

Jarelis: OMG! I noticed I’ve been drink tea at least once every two hours!

Keishla: Right?

Himeko: Well, in my case I haven’t changed much because I’m an introvert lol 😂 But I had to change my study habits because here at home I lose concentration easily

Keishla: Girl, in the opposite of you. This isolation thing is driven me crazy.I’m

Jarelis to Himeko: What are things you have to come up with to keep you focus? Asking for a friend👀👀

Jarelis: I feel you! I live in a tiny apartment, have not seen the light since yesterday, trying to meditate as much as I can.

Himeko to Jarelis: Hahaha well, I turn off my phone and basically lock myself in my room, away from everyone and everything. I also eat before starting to study 😂

Jarelis: So much has been explained to me in just this text. Hahaha, actually a good technique! I am going to ask you about your texting business hours lol

Keishla: Lol, I’m with my little girls so I’m trying to keep them busy. Idk how teachers do this. They just spend like 20 minutes doing one thing and get tired of it. It’s like a marathon.I have to keep something coming up so they don’t get bored too easily.

Jarelis: Have you tried creating a schedule for daily activities? I do not have kids so, I can only ask!KeishlaThe school sends me one. I’m trying to keep up with that.

Himeko: I get you! I was babysitting my nieces and they are so hyper all the time! I ended up drained… Also trying to make them do their schoolwork was a challenge!

Keishla: But it isn’t the same when they’re home.Yeah, maybe that’s why the coffee. 😂

Jarelis: Definitely some extra strength for the momma! I really admire you, I have patience but not to the lengths of a mother, I basically become a kid and lose all control over them. I admire you!I double, triple admire you!

Keishla: I have to share something… I was making an alphabet soup puzzle to help me get my brain working on this day and I ended mad because when I read the joke it was so sexist. Damn you Pepito!!!!!

Jarelis: Oh, hell no! If there is one thing that makes my ovaries tick is a damn sexist joke!

Keishla: I hated that book the moment I read that sentence.

Himeko: Oh god… I don’t understand why people still find those funny 😶

Jarelis: I feel like I want to spit on whoever is making the joke eye’s

Keishla: Pepito is with his best friend and looks over the calendar and said out loud: “My uncle is resting in peace 15 days ago” and his friend answered: “I didn’t know your uncle died” and he said back to him: ”That’s because my aunt is the one’s dead…”

Himeko: Oh hell no…..

Jarelis: Oh bloody hell! I still have not seen the man who could leave without the feminine touch!

Keishla: That’s because they’re retrograde. I feel that same way as all of you. Fuck you Pepito!

Jarelis: Ban that crap out! Ugh I cannot believe we still fighting for our rights to this day…

Jarelis: That’s not even funny. Like why the hell are pads so expensive?! Or why there is a damn pay gap?!?!?!

Keishla: Would you believe there are books like that joke out there?

Jarelis: We still have those books because we still have men like that! SMH

Keishla: It’s the society we live in. Patriarchy has been instructed at our homes. Following the Church instructions. 2,000 years of difference and some people are still living there.

Jarelis: Is shameful that it happens that way during such times.

Himeko: I mostly fight with my friends because of that 😂 most of them are boys and they don’t understand, I’m trying to make them changeI agree with you 100% .

Jarelis: It is something that only us can change. Not only for us, but for the safety of our younger girls and trans women too!

Keishla: As a mother of two beautiful daughters, I hoped that the future they’re gonna live in repudiate this behavior.

Jarelis: Specially for your daughters! I relate, I don’t want my little sister living under such thing! It is something that only us can change. Not only for us, but for the safety of our younger girls and trans women too!

Keishla: Yes! Every single one of them should be safe. Because they are human beings.I hated it when the media in Puerto Rico didn’t name the transwoman that died being murdered (Alexa) a girl. They called her, “The man that was dressed as a woman” I mean, how could you? She died identified as a woman.I was so furious.

Jarelis: My blood was boiling. How could you not protect someone and just let her be on her own, vulnerable and unprotected!

Keishla: I mean, I even cried about it. Life was so unfair to her, imagine such suffering, that you’ll have to walk around with a mirror in your hands because you though you’ve been in constant stalking. Humanity could be cruel. Idk If you guys knew about it I’m just venting.

Jarelis: That was the saddest part of all. Someone who needed help was murdered without anyone caring. I was really upset because I care for every single soul but, I care most for those who their voice are always ignored like the LGBTQ and women…

Keishla: That’s why it is so sad. They murder her because of what she was, a trans.

Jarelis: My heart is so moved that, every time I speak about this I go straight to being ultra upset!

Keishla: Yeah, I know!But we could be the difference. With this team.

Himeko: The media didn’t managed the situation well… they kept calling her “Hombre vestido con falda negra”. I was so pissed too! Here people even made protests and they did a march on Rio Piedras in her name. It was really meaningful

Jarelis: She did not get the justice he deserved but, his death open the eyes to others as how a country needs to speed up their mental health and acceptance game. I am all about caring, protecting and empowering so I will definitely create more content of both topics awareness and LGBTQ if necessary!

Himeko: It would be great to give a voice to those who most need it, I feel like that’s a topic that not everyone touches and it’s something that has to be talked about

Keishla:I’m all in with that! Can’t wait to let you guys know my story. Because I know It would help on this topic. It will teach the audience how to grow up over your suffering. And become stronger than ever.

Himeko: Can’t wait to hear!

Jarelis: On that note, let’s bloody do it! 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

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