What is French Americana Style and Why Do I Want to Follow it So Bad?!

Oh, la la! Something I said as soon as I got off the train arriving in Paris for the first time. It is breathtaking scenery with the utmost sense of fashion, architecture, and an overall classic-chic feeling that is undeniable from block-to-block. That is exactly where my head got stuck on, how the baby Chesus Christ does Parisian women take the ideas to look effortlessly so stylish? What you are about to read is the outcome of intensive research and my definition of French Americana Style.

I am always intrigued by how my mood changes the way that I put my outfits together, and as I get older, I am trying to take myself seriously without leaving what defines my style. I love prints and textures, volume and, color. I would find it hard to believe if I ever walked out of my apartment without covering any of the descriptions mentioned before. I mean, who could live without adding some enthusiasm in the way we dress? That is the definition of personal style. Even thinking about it, there was a point in my life where I only had puff sleeve shirts in all colors, lengths, and materials. 

Anywho, I could easily have an orgasmic reaction when I encountered myself with the swag that Parisian women walk down the streets of The City of Love. They keep their make up to the bare minimum wearing lipstick, mascara, prob some blush, just a little bit of eyeliner and, maybe bushy but, defined eyebrows. Natural beauty is the best accessory among French women. I felt like a complete clown with a full-face of makeup and, of course, wearing the most western outfit I could put together, sneaker, jeans, and a blazer brighter than life (not shown above). Now that we are speaking about the fits allow me, to define the concept of French Americana. 

Whereas the American style is all about not sacrificing comfort and keeping up with the trends, the French style is about effortless elegance. American style is defined by who can wear the most brands in one outfit, skin-tight denim, paired with a tee or maybe a blouse with 0 to barely any styling whatsoever. Please, do not mistake me, American bloggers can dress beyond my general definition of American style. Straight to the point, French women invest (keyword invest) on statement pieces that are easy to use and style all year round. That is one enormous difference, the French shop for what they need and quality items. Americans certainly just buy extraneous items at incredibly discounted prices with the vague excuse that it looks cute, even though they would never use it. American women that read this, I genuinely love you, but maybe you should cut spending a little and stick to the basics.

First case scenario and flawless definition of French Americana, French it-girl, founder of Rouje, Jeanne Damas.


  • Straight leg or wide-fit denim
  • One statement piece
  • Classic pieces (something that can be easily worn all year long)
  • Natural makeup
  • Subtle jewelry

Second case scenario, Caroline de Maigret. Madame de Maigret is an international French model and music producer, extremely popular among the fashion industry due to her impeccable yet smooth french style.


  • Gorgeous smile (my favorite accessory)
  • A white button-down shirt with long sleeves styled for any casual occasion (you should own at least one)
  • Light wash skinny mid-rise denim
  • My favorite of all times, white sneakers

Third case scenario, Leia Sfez, a fashion blogger and a woman devoted to motherhood, taking over the streets of France.


  • I cannot stress this, wide-leg denim is in!
  • Button-down shirts are as essential as your regular white tee
  • Strappy sandals combined with your favorite neutral nail polish
  • An accent bag that would make heads turn around

Now that you have an idea of what I am talking about, I am going to recreate a head-to-toes French Americana outfit for you but, on a budget!

Wide leg Crop Jeans Via Madewell

Layer Necklace Via Urban Outfitters

Lizard Mini Xbody Via Topshop

White Sneakers Via Steve Madden

Rustic Plaid Blazer Via Zara

Oversized Oxford Kotn

As a bonus, here are some easy-to-remember french vocab just in case you find yourself needing it: 

  • Bonjour – hello 
  • Bonne après-midi – good afternoon
  • Bonsoir – good evening
  • Bonne nuit – good night
  • Pardon, excusez-moi – excuse me
  • S’il vous plaît – please
  • Parlez-vous anglais? – Do you speak english?
  • Je ne parle français. – I do not speak French. 
  • Merci beaucoup – thank you very much
  • Au revoir! – goodbye!
  • Où sont des toilettes? – Where are the toilettes? (very useful to know this one!)

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