What Are The First Characteristics People See On You?

What are the first characteristics that people can read you by? Tricky question, isn’t it? This is the question that pops on my head when I feel someone is staring at me and, my thoughts go directly to a black hole of questions. What is he/she even looking at? The first thing we all think about it, maybe I have something stuck in between my teeth? Or, could it be that my hair is all messed up? Most of the time we think about something negative like our appearance and, that really triggered me. 


I remember going to my first job interview. I was asked to name 3 opportunities about my personality and, I answer quickly: “I am not patience” [I’m pretty sure that is why I was not considered for the job]. However, when it comes to answering what are 3 good things about myself?, I stutter and think about my response for a while. My interviewer even went as far as to give me a hint, “3 things that you love about yourself”. Unable to answer the question, I thought to myself, this is getting really intense here, and proceed to give her the first 3 things that pop to my head just to get the interview over with. This got stuck to the back of my head. One day I stepped in front of the mirror and asked myself, what are the good things about me?

At that moment, I realized how I was struggling with my confidence. One thing I could say [as a fact] was that I had a terrible temper, barely any patience or, how I was having a hard time accepting my body. Not being able to number the things I loved about me open my eyes to begin a new chapter in my life involving a New Version of myself. This “New me Version” includes exercise like writing about how can I describe myself, the achievements that make me proud the most and, helped me to realize how others see me. 

My biggest challenge thus far is, being a twin and often being compared to my sister made me take some distance from her (hypothetically). That is when I drew my conclusion about how physical looks do not define someone’s personality, not their lips, nor hair and never, ever how their body looks like. It is about how you present yourself to those surrounding you. 

If you ever find yourself struggling about what do people have to say about me, Flip the coin and instead ask yourself what is the energy that attracts the people around me? There is no better satisfaction than knowing yourself at the same time that you are projecting that feeling to others. Once you are aware of this in the first place, you will start to notice how people feel more comfortable around you. When you project confidence, those around you would never be able to identify the flaws you know about yourself but, the glow and security that you are shinning with. And that my friends are when life becomes an open book.

“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence” (Blake Lively)

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