Who is The Best Version of Yourself? Daydreaming, Working and, Achieving Your Higher Self

After procrastinating on my bed almost until 2 pm, I thought about how much time I was wasting just being on my phone scrolling through social media. Was there something new that I was engaged in researching? Not necessarily, just more Coronavirus news, toilet paper selling out and, trying to locate a place where I can buy antibacterial soap. Other than that, what is so important on my phone for me to stop living in the moment?

What does living in the moment means?

I am going to define this one in my own awkward words but, feel free to browse the internet for more definitions or reach out to a life coach for more information. Living in the moment means to fuck everything else and become mindful of yourself. For example, not living in the moment can be thinking about things that happen in the past and do not have any significance in your present. Like lamenting buying a used car that gives you problems every month but, you have already bought it and still regretting it. What can you do now in regards to this? Point A, you sell your crappy car and get a new one if it is possible. Point B, if you are stuck with it and cannot sell it, fix it as much as you can plus, plan ahead for your next move in whatever time is your realistic goal. You see how you have options and solutions? Often in life, we have plenty of options and solutions but, we rather stay in our comfort zone before we can seek out an answer. 

The truth will set you free. 

Be truthful to yourself. Before I called my higher self a bad bitch from the Bronx, I was wasting my time wishing I was someone else with more confidence instead of hiding myself behind my resting bitch face. Believe me, a lot of people think I am that obnoxious when they see my face, even though I have the personality of a baby goat. Back to the point, you should stop hoping for something to happen or postponing yourself for better times and start living like you daydream of. Admit, confront and forgive yourself from what is hurting you. Sometimes the things that are settling us back are things that can be easily solved. Remember when your first boyfriend broke up with you? I do! I thought there was no other person who could love me and make me feel the way he did. Jokes on me! I was able to realize what things I liked and disliked from a relationship, learn from the process and, live like a champ. Do you see where I am heading? Baby girl/boy, what your living right now is a battle you can fight and win if you believe in yourself. Remember, everything in life is temporary so, every problem has a due date!


So how can you live in the moment? 

Remove anything that represents a negative wave in your life. This includes the following: 

  • The wrong people/accounts on social media
  • Eating food that is not the best for your gut
  • Wasting your time (like I did this morning) insignificantly
  • Not planing yourself ahead with a to-do list
  • Walking away from things you like to do (not having time is an excuse. There is always time!) 
  • Do not hold yourself in past events nor, worry yourself about what tomorrow will offer

Fun fact, I used to do everything in the bullet point you just read. It is all in your drive love. If you push yourself out of your funk, you could achieve so much more than what is imaginable. Of course, all of this requires time and patience, pushing yourself to do it all at once could result in frustration unless you are a boss woman and want to prove yourself otherwise. If that the case, you are a rock star! I agree there are moments of weakness where you think you are going to bounce back to feeling like a sad potato and, that is okay too. The key is always to strive for greatness. Start your day with some basic affirmations. So whenever your thought starts playing with you, you can say to yourself I am enough and, I am strong. Easy, right? 

So now that you have a basic knowledge of what living in the moment is, you can start working and achieving your best self. I have done a couple of exercises that have helped me in the past. When I feel like I am drowning for x or y reasons, I write on my journal letting all toxic thought out followed by my mantra, I am a bad bitch from the Bronx. Do not ask me why that is my mantra, it just happens to be that way. Meditating works wonders too! If you are new to meditating, you can start by searching on the web guided meditation for beginners. Schedule yourself for a walk to clear yourself from the clutter inside of your head. Being on your bed is cool only if you are enjoying yourself and not thinking about spider webs. Self-love is also crucial to achieving your best self. Pick a day, write it down on your daily planner and get your nails done, a facial, your hair or, even go on a solo date. Spend time to get to know you, you will also understand more about yourself and your goals. 

After reading this, I hope that you feel motivated to make the changes necessary to the best person you can. Never say no to yourself and dare to try something new. Be excited to solve your problems, they are not working against you, they are just teaching you a lesson. This is something that I even work on myself every day, facing new challenges and encouraging myself to be the best to myself as I could be. What is stopping you right now? 

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