Cracking Up Hot Weather Autumn Trends

Hot summer girl is officially more than over. Bare with me but, at least I love layering all year long. My second and third to go option will always be wearing a 3/4 sleeve shirt or sweater, or a long sleeve shirt. There are very few times where you are going to see me wearing a sleeveless piece. So, why am I trying to crack up a style that is easily determined by retailers? It happens to be that my current location is somewhere around the Tropic of Cancer. A.K.A. as the hottest and humid weather it could exist. As we examine what feasible Autumn look could work for you, we overture you to glance our WWWW (what would we wear) selection.

Chiffon Skirts, your ultimate and reliable BFF

I do relish a printed chiffon skirt in all colours and lengths. Not only they are practical and chic, but they also serve such great versatility. From work to that last-minute Friday night invite, day-to-night, going to church, Sunday brunch or a posh activity that does not give you exact meaning of what is the damn dress code. Chiffon is also a lightweight material made out either silk or, nylon. You can dump them in the luggage care-free since the majority of this skirts are wrinkle-free. Travelling to a cold-weather city or country? Do not even bother! This skirts can be easily paired with tighs and, my personal favourite, thigh-high boots.

Mesh Boots

Let say that you love wearing boots but you inhibit yourself from doing it because your toes are going to melt away within seconds. Not my case so I can’t relate to you. I get it, is super hot outside and you are not all about keeping up with the trends giving away your comfort. For that reason, we are granting you a chance to redeem yourself, be forgiven by the influencers of social media and give mesh boots a chance. The great deal about them is that they come in different lengths, heels and pair with the right outfit can bring sophistication to your entire day. If you do not believe a word that I am typing, then take a look at the selection below.

Layering Pieces for the misses: Denim, Lightweight Jackets and Blazers

Denim, denim, denim, it could not get any easier than that. Who does not love or owns a good denim jacket? You should not even have to go too far from your dresser to style your fit with a denim jacket. If you do not own one, you should run to acquire one like right at this instant. Denim jackets have been proven to be a fashion staple for years! Now, redirecting myself to blazers, I do love an oversized black blazer. Blazers are deffo utmost convenient for any ocassion including a date at the fair. I still remember the first oversized blazer I ever own. It used to be part of my Zara’s uniform when I used to be a cashier at the children department. I still have it and, it has terrifically come in handy. Not really keen about wearing a blazer? Perhaps you would like the idea of having a couple of lightweight jackets somewhere around your dresser. You can wear them all year long, you will not feel suffocated during tropical autumn since most of them are made out of chiffon or similar materials.

Tee’s whether you like them to scream some graphics or solid

I love a good tee the same way that I like my tea (dad joke inserted). I could only wear a tee as long as I layer it with the pieces mentioned in the previous paragraph. Between a solid tee or a graphic one, I always lean more against design tees. As a creative, I love to support my fellow Illustrator business other than buying from big corporations. Independent illustrators come up with experimental innovations that could keep a crowd in awe. Not to mention, tees are now the new button-down shirts. Have you seen someone wearing pantsuits and boom a solid tee? Personally, I think whoever style it first cracked a better convo than PB&J. Ahhh, forever grateful for tees appropriately layered with anything.

Long Sleeve Chiffon or Cotton shirts

When I think of long sleeve shirts my brain automatically goes full puffy shirt madness. I am all about romantic and, exaggerated sleeves that will leave a lasting impression. You can obviously combine them with literally anything and everything, from trousers to jeans, skirts and overalls. If you have not gotten ahold of one, I recommend you to give them a try. They can make you feel like either a princess or like you are living your wildest fashion adventure ever.