Feeling Shadier Than a Flamboyant Tree

Okay, is officially summer and this bright [as life] sun could not get any hotter! I mean, do you dare to step outside without a pair of stylish sunglasses? If that is the case, let me express how nuts you are!

Let’s picture this particular scenario: you wake up, is a magnifiqué day, birds are chirping and, it feels like no one can stop you from succeeding. As you continue to get ready, you grab your handbag, accessorize your goddess [or lord] body and step out to drive away to your destination. Oh no…! Your forgetful self completely forgot to step up the sunglass game for this year! Don’t panic; I have collected the hottest eyewear trends for this dreamy hellish summer!

Here is a list of my favorite hot styles for the season!


The Unibrow via @ManRepeller

If you don’t feel slightly tempted by this unique piece in Pearl Acetate, don’t even bother hanging out with me! Seriously! TBH, Man Repeller’s latest accessory collection has me going bonkers for it! As Man Repeller states on their page; this sunglasses are “the most interesting bathing suits your eyebrows own in a shade of white so honest and frank, you might catch a grifter mid-scam.” This splendid eyewear is accessible to you at the price point of $85USD.


#QUAYXJLO via @QuayAustralia

Stop the world for a moment, JLO’s and Quay Australia’s collection is a total hit! Forgive me if I am wrong or, perhaps I am misinformed but JLO’s entire collection screams Miami so hard! Technically, I have been living in MIA for quite a good chunk of my life and, that is what people would wear everywhere in downtown. This particular style covers everything from your hard-core party eyebags or, a terrible makeup situation. Whatever the case is, I am positive that you would look stunning with them. This “El Anillo” style is ready to be purchased for $60USD.


Gigi Hadid x Vogue Eyewear

Uhm, superb! If there is anything that I love is, whatever it gives me the city vibe chills. I can already imagine myself pairing this chic accessory with the famous Canadian tuxedo. Did you picture Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake during the American Music Awards of 2001? Well, let me tell you how I think that would be an excellent outfit idea for this wild-wild sunnies. But hey if you think you could do better, send us a picture with your fashion suit [and] we will open a debate. This creative piece can be yours for $139.95.

Screenshot_2019-06-26 ASOS DESIGN cat eye sunglasses in milky tort ASOS


I will bluntly say that this is the kind of eyewear I could afford at the moment. If you just graduated from University or College and you still trying to make things work financially, well, this is under your budget! Hey, I get it! I recently graduated too. I always try to look for the freshest styles out there. Even though I am not a fan of fast fashion, I could make a cat-eye shape work anytime. They are not only my kind of elegant sunglasses but, they are also timeless. If your plan consists of visiting ASOS to buy some goodies, you are up for a decent deal. Not only they are super affordable, but they’re also durable! Just take care of them like you will take care of your newborn child. Just for you and me, only $16.00. (How exciting!)


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